I’m Proud to Be Natural Me!

I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! is the story of a little girl who is teased because of the texture of her hair. Her mom explains to her that her hair is a part of her identity and that she is beautiful the way God created her. By the end of the story the little girl is saying, “I’ve learned to love what I see. I’m proud to be natural me!” When I wrote this story, I wanted children to know that beauty is diverse AND includes them. After many revisions, I feel that this version does a phenomenal job of helping children see themselves represented. If you know a child who is struggling with self-love, please order this book for them. Available now in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

Want to preview my book? Press play on the video below, then scroll down to order.

Thanks to Burst Into Books who featured me on Bedtime Stories—my first public reading of the NEW! I’m Proud to Be Natural Me!

Give the gift of self-acceptance. Order, today!

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