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“I believe I’m here to share ALL my gifts and teach others to do the same. I love to U.S.E. people—Uplift. Support. Empower. That’s my purpose.”

About Me

Hi! I’m Marlene Dillon, creator of the Healing Our Families parenting communication course series, author and illustrator of I’m Proud to Be Natural Me!, and designer of all thing #Proud2BNaturalMe. I am a proud mother, a powerful speaker, an inspirational writer, and a multi-talented artist, and designer.  I love to empower people to accept themselves and their divine purpose. I coach people of all ages to love themselves more and to heal from the messages that make self-love challenging. I am the founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of MDillon Designs & Publishing. For more information about me, check out my bio on my courses page.

About My Course

Healing Our Families: Healing the Parent-Child Relationship Parenting Communication Course

A communication course for parents who want better relationships with their children

Enroll today on Udemy! Healing Our Families: Healing the Parent-Child Relationship is NOW OPEN!

Healing Our Families: Healing the Parent-Child Relationship is a 6-lesson, online parenting communication course offered on Udemy. Through information and introspection you will learn what to start, stop, and continue to improve your relationship with your child. This is not the kind of course where you learn a skill, or two, and put it on the shelf. This course will challenge you to make immediate shifts in how you communicate. Learn more…

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Healing Our Families: Healing the Parent Child is conveniently priced and self-paced. You can’t fall behind; you work according to your schedule. If you are struggling with communicating with your child, or if you just want a closer relationship, this parenting communication course is for you.

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About My Book

I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon! New & Improved. Order, today!

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